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40 x 50 (will confirm)

Depicting our light skin Koori and Murris

We definitely have a place.

Although our skin may not match your perception of a First Nation person does not take away within us our cultural heritage lots of us have had to learn and unlearn these perceptions

I ln true proper way our bloodline runs deep but our skin tone ran out through the stolen generation and assimilation our women raped and our babies born

In many different circumstances and every situation is different some met for love and had interracial relationships which is absolutely 💯 ok love is love ! And should not have to be justified

We all have different skin tones what’s important is that hopefully you know where you come from and you can feel this deep in your heart ❤️ if your still looking and finding your way in this world know you are enough you are loved you do belong in culture connected by bloodline you are deadly and deserving of everything in this world


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